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Purchase Option Plan


Are you looking to buy or rent a band or orchestra instrument?

Be sure to check out our Purchase Option Plan! It works like a rent-to-own plan but better with options you won't see on a typical rent or rent-to-own plan. That's why we call it a Purchase Option Plan.

Lafayette Music's

Purchase Option Plan Offers -


1. Purchase prices as well as monthly rates vary according to brand, model & condition. 

2. Every instrument with a retail price greater than $150 is available for our plan. This includes student to professional models.

3. Trade-ins are always welcome and you are guaranteed trade-in credit from 80 to 100 percent of what you have paid on our contract towards any instrument we have in stock.

4. Use trade-in credit or extra payment to reduce your monthly payments.

5. Take advantage of our optional buy 2 months, get 1 month off on all new rental contracts or one month minimum if you only need an instrument for a short period of time.

6. Pay off the balance of the contract with at least a 15 per cent discount or one of our periodic special discounts.

Take a Couple of Minutes to Compare the Advantages of Our Plan to Renting or Purchasing Through Other Musical Instrument Options such as E-Bay, Craig's List or Even Renting Directly From Your Child's School:

1. Prices may seem cheap online or from sources like ebay and Craig's List but you are responsible for cleaning and repairs - reconditioning a saxophone can cost over $500. Some people get tremendous bargains – most do not.

2. With an outright purchase or school rental, you normally pay for all the repairs and you probably won’t get a loaner while it’s being worked on. If your instrument is damaged and you need the instrument, you either need to buy another instrument, rent one or wait until the first one gets fixed. If the instrument is stolen or damaged too badly to repair, you will need to pay for a completely new instrument.

3. If you’re buying, you pay the full amount for the instrument up front rather than only one or two month’s low payment. If you change your mind, you need to buy a whole new instrument, then sell the old one on your own or give it away.

4. If you’re renting from a school, the monthly rate can be low but none of the money you pay for rent goes towards buying an instrument, you probably won’t get insurance and you probably won’t get to keep it over the summer.

5. If you’re using a typical rent-to-own plan, the money can often only be applied to purchasing the original instrument or another instrument with restrictions on the number of trades or type of instrument. With the Lafayette Music plan, you can apply the money to any other instrument for any person, whether a family member or a complete stranger.

Take a minute to look at this simplified example of the real cost of using our Purchase Option Plan:

Rent a student level trumpet for $20 a month plus $5 a month insurance. At the end of 10 months, you have paid out $250. If you return the instrument in good condition and have made all the payments, you will qualify for $180 credit towards another instrument. Your net cost has been $70 ($50 for insurance and a $20 discount for wear and tear). If you decide to purchase the original instrument, $200 is applied towards the original cost and you can pay off the balance at any time at a discount. In the meantime, you have been insured for accidental damage and guaranteed a loaner while your instrument is being repaired. When you pay off an instrument early you will receive at least a 15% discount on the remainder of what you owe and you may also opt to purchase 1 year of additional insurance at that time.

Ask one of our sales associates for a detailed analysis of how the Purchase Option Plan can benefit you.