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On May 1st

our Transition Liquidation discount goes to


 Here is how it works:

Each month, on the first of the month, the discount for all our print, gifts, instruments, and accessories, increases 5% to 10%, with a few exceptions such as reeds, strings, oils, rental payments, and repairs. The initial discount will be 50% which began on February 25th.

Next increase will be June 1st.

The sale will end when approximately 90% of the beginning inventory has been sold.
Excess shelving, displays, and office supplies will also be sold as the inventory is reduced.
Outstanding rental contracts will continue to be honored including instrument exchange credits, loaners, and repairs but payoff balances will be capped at 50%.

About Us

Here at Lafayette Music, we boast a diverse collection of instruments, catering to musicians of all levels, and we offer top-quality accessories to enhance your sound. Beyond our inventory, we stand out with our commitment to nurturing talent through special master classes and workshops. These sessions, taught by seasoned musicians, empower aspiring artists to perfect their craft. Whether you seek instruments, knowledge, or a musical family, Lafayette Music harmoniously delivers it all.